UN Envoy: Zionist regime, source of Middle East unrest

United Nations, New York, April 21, IRNA – The Zionist regime is the source of all the challenges in the Middle East and the US policy of unconditional suppprt for Tel Aviv is the cause of continuation of violence cycle in the region, said the Iranian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Gholamali Khoshroo.

Assressing Thursday’s Security Council meeting to examine the situation in the Middle East and Palestine, Khoshroo said that occupation is the core of all the arguments in the Middle East, but instead of solving the problem, the Unites States tries to eliminate the problem by blaming everyone except the Zionist regime.

Khoshroo added that the US tries to omit Palestine issue, which is the most important one in the region.

He added that the US is indifferent to UN Security Council resolutions concerning the apartheid Zionist regime’s inhumane policies and they have forced the rapporteurs to take back their reports.

Refuting the recent unfounded allegations against Iran, he said the propagation is in fact the nervous reaction and a plan devised by Israeli regime and some regional countries that backed Saddam Hussein invasion to Iran.

He added that the Zionist regime’s history is nothing but invasion to its neighbors.

The Zionist regime has already invaded its neighbors 14 times in its short history and has ridiculed all the international mechanism by rebuffing chemical and biological weapons conventions.

He also said that the Zionist regime is the only impediment to creating a region free of mass destruction weapons (MDW) in the Middle East and its nuclear arsenal is the most serious threat in the region and it’s the UNSC’s duty to deal with it.

He reminded that 86 UNSC resolutions were issued against the Zionist regime between 1948 and 2016 and it has violated al of them, but has gotten away with it, without receiving any punishment.

The Iranian envoy to the UN said that according to the reports of the United Nations, Syria has destroyed all its chemical weapons, while the al-Nosra Front and Daesh (ISIS) have access to these weapons.

Khoshroo commented that the US missile attack is an obvious instance of invading a UN member and violation of the United Nations Charter, and a clear message to terrorists that they can repeat what they did on April 4 and get rewarded by the United States. Of course, the terrorists well received the message and the result was the massacre of 126 children on April 15.

Adding that the US actions in 2003 were the starting point of Daesh, he said the Middle East is still suffering from the US unilateral military measures based on false allegations.