US not seeking front against Iran, needs Iran’s help: Pak diplomat

Islamabad, April 19, IRNA – Senior Pakistani diplomat says the US doesn’t want any confrontation with Iran because due to different regional developments, including Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq issues, it needs the help of the Islamic Republic.

In an interview with IRNA, Former Secretary General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Akram Zaki added that the US President Donald Trump doesn’t want to open too many fronts so that is why he has extended the suspension of nuclear sanctions for 90 more days.

Expressing his views, Akram Zaki said in the long run, the US needs Iran, they cannot ignore its power and influence in the region.

“I don’t think that Iran nuclear deal can be cancelled which has been negotiated with great difficulty,” he believed.

Akram Zaki added that Trump had come up with certain ideas of improving relations with Russia and taking tough lines with Iran and China, but the American establishment, CIA and Pentagon have blocked his Russian policy; one started the propaganda that Russia had interfered in the elections for which the inquiry is going on other they created a crisis in Syria by bombing.

“There is no development in ties between US and Russia rather tension is increasing,” he noted.

The expert on international affairs added that Chinese President met Trump and proposed certain positive things which relaxed the relations between US and China.

So Trump after recent developments changed his approach towards Iran and suspended the nuclear sanctions for 90 more days.