Using huge bombs in Afghanistan, not solution to terrorism, say Pak analysts

Islamabad, April 15, IRNA - Senior Pakistani analysts believe that using huge bombs (MOAB) in Afghanistan is not a solution to terrorism but can cause severe damage to the lives of ordinary people.

Talking to IRNA separately they said that such moves by the US cannot root out terrorism from the country.

The United States has dropped the 'mother of all bombs'(MOAB), the largest non-nuclear bomb on a network of caves and tunnels allegedly used by Daesh militant group in eastern Afghanistan, but the Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump did not give detail of the damage caused by the bombing.

Former Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan, Rustam Shah Mohmand said as far as the implications of such bombing are concerned this must have caused a collateral damage, damage to crops, human beings and the effects which will be there for a very long time.

The analyst viewed that it is more important to assess the harm and damage done to human beings which the Afghan authorities would not disclose for obvious reasons.

“But I hope some independent agencies or groups may venture into the area and collect information which will be very vital for the international community,” added the former ambassador.

Rustam Shah Mohmand noted that the problem is that Daesh elements are not residing in a single camp but they are all over in Afghanistan.

“Also such bombings could kill many innocent people and deteriorate already disastrous situation in Afghanistan,' he believed.

He said that by dropping such huge bombs, terrorists or their supporters cannot be eliminated.

He noted that the US has already done attempted operations in Afghanistan to fight Al-Qaada and Taliban but not only Afghanistan but also Pakistan are still suffering from the menace of terrorism in the region.

Defense and political analyst Lieutenant General Talat Masood talking to IRNA, said it is wrong on part of the US to use such a lethal bomb inside Afghanistan on the citizens because a large number of innocent people could be killed in such strikes.

“I think President Trump was trying to test the bomb on humans which is shameful,” he said.

The analyst viewed that US bombing would have serious consequences because it will allow the terrorists to get the sympathies of locals by saying that how the Americans and Western world is inimical towards the people of Afghanistan.

“It is very disappointing to use such a huge bomb on human beings,” said the analyst.

Talat Masood went on to say that such bombing will affect the lives of the common people. “Yes, it targeted some terrorists, but we have to see the overall impact and how it will benefit in the long run in order to reduce militancy in Afghanistan,” he said.

To a question the expert said that some years back, the Americans were successful in Afghanistan as they installed their government over there, but now for the last two, three years situation of Afghanistan is declining and there is a lot of anarchy.

“I feel that if things continue like this, there will be no peace and more areas will fall into the hands of the militants,” he feared.