Pakistan not to be part of any alliance against Yemen: defense min

Islamabad, April 12, IRNA - Pakistan Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has reiterated that Pakistan is not going to become part of any alliance against Yemen.

Delivering a policy statement in Senate, the minister said, 'Pakistan will not become part of any agreement which is against another Muslim state. We are bound to parliamentary dictate adopted in a resolution during the Yemen crisis.'

All concerns expressed by Iran about the Saudi-led military alliance, of which Pakistan is a member, would be removed, said the minister.

He referred to the recent visit of PM’s adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz to Iran and his meetings with the authorities there.

He said that Pakistan has good brotherly relations with Iran, which played an important role in the success of recently held Economic Cooperation Organization summit. The Iranian President attended that conference with a large delegation, he added.

He also said that the agenda and the programs of the proposed military alliance are yet to be finalized and a meeting of defense ministers of 41 proposed members of the alliance would be convened in Saudi Arabia in May where such matters would be finalised.

“We will become part of an alliance which is solely against terrorism,” he remarked.

Pakistan, he said, would use its status as a nuclear-armed country for reconciliation among Muslim countries. Islamabad would be ready to play the role of a mediator, if needed.

Asif held the United States as responsible for creating divisions within the Muslim countries.