Iraqi analyst: US seeking devilish plot by safe zone for Syria

Baghdad, March 16, IRNA – An Iraqi writer and expert underlined that the new US government intends to create tensions in the region.

Hashem al-Kandi told IRNA that the US plan to create a safe zone in Syria is a devilish plot.

Al-Kandi described US President Donald Trump’s plan to ban the visit of the citizens of six Muslim countries to the US as ridiculous.

“The US is worried about the friendship trend between Iran and Iraq,” he said.

“Donald Trump’s decision to put a ban on visits by nationals of six Muslim countries to the US is ridiculous because Trump himself has said that Daesh (the ISIS) is offspring of Democrat President Barack Obama,” he added.

“Isn’t is that Trump has acknowledged that Obama government has created the Daesh, then why is it threatening Muslims of terrorism?, al-Kandi said.

The Iraqi analyst said that Trump from the first day of coming to power as president has been looking for creating tension and differences between the Arab states of the Persian Gulf and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Al-Kandi said that the main purpose of Trump’s attempts is to improve the conditions of US arms sales, adding, “For the same reason Trump voiced his concern about Iran’s missiles and their destructive power over the oil installations and palaces of the Persian Gulf sheikhdoms.”