Pak military strongly values ties with Iran: Pak analyst

Islamabad, March 9, IRNA – A senior Pakistani analyst says military of Pakistan strongly values its ties with extremely important neighbor Iran.

In an interview with IRNA, Lieutenant General (retd) Talat Masood said that the recent meeting between Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan Mehdi Honardoost gives a clear message that both countries are very close to each other and want to have strong military to military bilateral cooperation.

He added that an important aspect of the meeting is the border aspect as both countries want peace on the border and don’t want to have any infiltration of wrong people going on the other sides.

The analyst also said that Iran and Pakistan both have precious experience in fighting against terrorism and strong relations and close cooperation between militaries of the neighboring countries, could result in taking even more effective steps against terrorism and bring more peace and stability in the region.

“I think it is extremely important if there is lot of coordination and understanding between the two countries and between the two militaries especially the paramilitary forces that take care of the border security,” he said.

The analyst expressing his views said that border security is an extremely important element because it gives rise to a lot of misunderstandings between the two neighbors.

“They are trying to improve the border security not only in terms of trying to ensure that militant activities reduced to the minimum or completely curtailed but at the same time they are also trying to reduce smuggling and anti-state activities on the border,” he noted.

He said that the meeting of Iranian envoy and Pak Army Chief also shows that military also thinks how much important Pakistan’s relations with Iran are.

Talat Masood went on to say that Pakistan and Iran have historical ties and at the same time they are extremely important neighbors.

The analyst strongly believed Iran is a country with great future and so is Pakistan and if they cooperate and have better understanding on issues and manage the border and have several joint economic programs, the things can become better for the people of the two countries.

He said that two visits of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Pakistan in less than a year shows Iran’s desire to have good relations with Pakistan.

“Pakistan has also reciprocated the Iranian desire of good relations in the same manner because it is in the long-term and short-term interests of the people of the two countries,” he viewed.