Salvage exploration ends up to discovery of Paleolithic works in Ilam Prov

Tehran, Feb 17, IRNA - As a result of salvage archeological explorations in the valuable 100-hectare Kalag region in Ilam works dating back to the Paleolithic, Bronze, the Parthian, the Sassanid and Islamic eras were discovered, the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) reported.

RICHT Public Relations Office quoted head of the exploration team in the Kalag ancient area Mahmoud Mir-Eskandari as saying the area is among the historical monuments of the city of Sirvan in Ilam Province which was buried in the river of Seymareh Dam due to the watering of the dam.

“With regard to the importance and oldness of Kalag area as well as the risk threatening the area due to the watering of the dam, salvage exploration was placed on the agenda of the Archeology Institute,” he said.

“Principled and accurate studies for finding out the sublime values and position of the area in archeological studies of the region (with regard to the chronology and cultural periods and expansion of the area) and the necessity of planning for further studies before watering the dam were among targets that were followed during the implementation of salvage exploration in the ancient area,” he added.