Ceasefire in Syria, Astana talks outcome of JCPOA: Russian expert

Moscow, Feb 13, IRNA – A Russian expert believes that ceasefire in Syria which saved lives of Syrians and the Astana talks have all been the positive results of nuclear deal and convergence between Iran and Russia.

Speaking to IRNA here, Vladimir Zakharov said the deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is an important international agreement.

Without the agreement, the Syrian crisis had not been solved, Zakharov said.

When the implementation day of the JCPOA started in Jan, 2016, the ground was prepared for Iran to play a more active role in the international arenas, then the security in the Middle East region was strengthened and international cooperation to crack down the terrorists, Daesh in particular, also became stronger, he noted.

Without the international deal, Iran could not attend the Astana talks on Syria which was vital for tranquility in Syria, he stressed, adding Russia was after Iran’s participation in Astana talks and insisted on it.

Iran is not only Russia’s neighbor, but also an important pillar for the process of peace in Syria, Zakharov underlined, stressing that Iran is a power which can ensure regional stability and tranquility.

Naming terrorists as the main threat to the Middle East, Zakharov said Daesh as the biggest terrorist group in the region has been created by cooperation between the US and certain regional countries including Saudi Arabia. As he noted, the aim of creation of Daesh was to prevent Iran, Resistance movement and World of Islam.

Iran attempts to make the world of Islam united, because the Islamic unity has a special place in the Islamic Republic’s doctrine, said the Russian expert.

Iran, Russia and Turkey are the initiators of the Dec 30 ceasefire in Syria as well as those who planned for the Astana talks in late Jan 2017.