Larijani: Resolving Iraq insecurity to help stabilize region

Tehran, Feb 8, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that resolving Iraq’s insecurity will help stabilize region from the current security and terrorism issues and there is no doubt that a stable Iraq leads to a regional stability.

Larijani made the remarks in a meeting with visiting former Iraq's Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Wednesday.

Iraq is regarded as one of the most important pillars for the region, Larijani said.

Referring to deeply rooted ties between the two countries, he said fortunately the two sides are now experiencing good relations leading to more interaction between the two sides.

Fight against terrorism is regarded as one of the most important issues in the region,mainly for Iraq, he said, adding that fight against terrorism is very complicated and their defeat requires more efforts and extensive cooperation among countries in the region.

Regretfully, some of the countries in the region instead of giving a helping hand to resolve issues, they create a hypothetical enemy for region.

They also reviewed various issues such as fight against Daesh terrorist group and share of countries in the region in regional developments.

Iraqi oil minister, for his part said Iraqi military forces have dealt fatal blows to the terrorist group.

“We believe that prolongation of war and annihilation of Daesh is much better than to scatter them to other regions giving them the chance to attack the region,” he said.

Resolving domestic issues is inseparable with regional developments, he said.