Headlines in Iranian English-language dailies on Jan 9

Tehran, Jan 9, IRNA - The following headlines appeared in local English language newspapers on Monday:

- Expediency Council Chairman Ayat. Rafsanjani passes away at 82
- Leader: UK scheming to rip region apart
- Sri Lankan top trade delegation to visit Tehran

- Iran’s Hero of Reconstruction passes away at 82
- Leader: Enemy seeks to erode Iran’s power
- MP: Iran backs intra-Syrian talks

- Airbus delivers first plane to Iran
- Tackling economic woes to strengthen Iran
- Expediency Council Chairman succumbs to heart attack

- Enemy after destroying Iran’s national authority
- Shiraz selected as Islamic countries’ youth capital
- Iran hockey team routs host in Croatia Cup

- Rangers’ protection bill aims to crack down on poachers
- Former Persepolis defender Seyed Alikhani passes away
- “Three Sisters”, “The Horses” receive Ostad-Mohammad Medallions

- Iran approves $11.8b of FDI post-sanctions
- NPL ratio falls to 11% in H1
- Iran crude oil at $53