UK involved in Saudi war crimes, says British activist

London, Oct 15, IRNA – A British activist believes that the United Kingdom is responsible for Saudi crimes against humanity in Yemen.

In a recent interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency, John Rees slammed the UK government for supplying weapons to the Saudi leaders involved in crimes against humanity in Yemen.

The British broadcaster and writer, who is a national officer of the Stop the War Coalition, said that the British government is complicit in the war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Following is the full text interview with John Rees:

How do you analyze the prospect of the international campaign against terrorism and operations conducted by the Saudi-backed Daesh terrorist group in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen?

I think that the original plan of the United States and its allies was to occupy Iraq and turn it into a pro-Western, pro-business base for operation in the Middle East, that has failed and the chaos has been produced as a result of that has spread not only from Iraq into Syria but has destabilized the entire region.
Of course, it has produced a situation where Saudi Arabia is intervening in the aftermath of the uprising in Yemen to try and control its neighbor and it produced the Islamic State (ISIS) which is, we know, has caused chaos in both Iraq and Syria.
We are continuing Western interventions, bombings in Iraq and Syria.

Q. What is your opinion about the support given to Saudi Arabia by the United Kingdom?

A. I wish that there was as much publicity given to the fact that Saudi Arabia is both blockading and bombing Yemen as there is to the Russian intervention in Syria.
We all know that the Western press and the Western politics have one attitude towards the crisis in Syria which is completely different attitude towards Saudi intervention in Yemen.

Q. When there is so much evidence pointing to Saudi killing of civilians in Yemen, why is Britain still selling arms to this country?

A. Because it has always had the closest relationship with the Saudi regime. No human right’s concerns are allowed to intervene with the relationship with the Saudis.
It is taken as given that the Saudi regime will have British support and is the biggest market for British arms manufactures.
So, the British government regards this as an absolutely key economic and political ally and therefore no criticism to Saudi regime is ever taken very seriously, even when its made by the parliamentary committees.

Q. Would you say that the British government is complicit in the war crimes in Yemen?

A. Yes I do. If you compare the publicity given to the attacks in Syria and its quite justifiable to point out those attacks and their effects on civilians, but similar scale of attacks in Yemen are totally ignored by the British press and the British government and of course the British government and arms manufacturing companies are supplying weapons which are being used in Yemen.

Q. Is it possible to prosecute Saudi Arabia in the International Criminal Court?

A. The trouble with these international institutions, the United Nations and similar institutions is that when the great powers agree on something they act; When they disagree those institutions are paralyzed.
The international community is not something above and beyond the nation state. It is an agreement by nation state, and when they cannot agree they don’t act.