Official: Iran to send 3 satellites into orbit by yearend

Tehran, Oct 6, IRNA -- Head of the Iranian Space Agency Mohsen Bahrami said that Iran will launch three domestically-built satellites into orbit by the end of next Iranian year (will end March 20, 2018).

Bahrami said that SharifSat will be sent into orbit by the end of current Iranian year (will end March 20, 2017).

He made the remarks addressing a conference titled 'Space in Qur'an's View'.

Iran says that sending its satellites into orbit is a matter of safety. The nation, which is prone to destructive earthquakes, has a vital interest in improving telecommunications and monitoring natural disasters.

Since 1999, World Space Week has grown into the largest public space event on Earth. More than 1,800 events in 73 countries celebrated the benefits of space and excitement about space exploration in 2015.

From October 4 to October 10 has been declared as the World Space Week to celebrate each year at the international level the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition.