Iran's general consul in Istanbul confers with Turkish foreign ministry official

Ankara, Aug 24, IRNA – Iran General Consul in Istanbul Mohsen Mortezaeifar met with Ugur Kenan Ipek Turkey's Foreign Ministry representative in Istanbul on Wednesday.

The two sides underlined adoption of new mechanisms to use opportunities in furthering ties between the two nations and establishment of peace and security in the region.

Mortezaeifar, whose tenure has ended in Turkey, said the recent meetings between senior officials of the two countries indicate firm intention by both countries to strengthen unity and solidarity in order to settle regional crises, especially the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Referring to stance adopted by Iran on the recent failed coup in Turkey, Mortezaeifar said that Turkey's security is tantamount to Iran's security.

Cooperation between the two countries is going to benefit Islam and the Muslim states, he said.

The Turkish diplomat on his part, acknowledged comments by Mortezaeifar and said that the two countries have lost golden opportunities in the past and underlined necessity for beginning a new era of cooperation between Iran and Turkey.

Ipek said that following the failed coup in Turkey, the two neighboring nations should open a new chapter in their relations and unlike the past, try to establish new relations.

Ipek also praised the Iranian general consul for his hard work and valuable services during his tenure in Istanbul and wished him success in his career.