Prestigious EU prize for Iranian woman entrepreneurs

Tehran, Aug 14, IRNA – An Iranian official said here on Sunday that the prize of European Union Woman Entrepreneurs will be awarded to several Iranian woman entrepreneurs for the first time.

Speaking in a press conference, Representative of European Business Competence License (EBCL) Azim Fazlipour said following the removal of anti-Iran sanctions, the EBCL management has decided to present the prestigious prize to several Iranian woman entrepreneurs.

He added that the European Union has selected 50 Iranian companies for receiving the prize in a ceremony held in Croatia last year.

Fazlipour added the EBCL considers several indicators for presenting the prizes to different companies including entrepreneurship, innovation, branding, development of domestic industries, the development of crafts, customer satisfaction, compliance with environmental and human values and social responsibility.

He added 100 Iranian women are slated to travel to Paris to receive their prizes in a ceremony on Nov 3, 2016.