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Iran acquires knowledge to produce petrochemical catalyst

Tehran, March 26, IRNA – Iran has acquired the technical know-how to produce polyethylene terephthalate (PET), an important catalyst used in the petrochemical industries.

'These types of catalysts are used in manufacturing disposable dishes, polyester fibers for clothing and they are useful as well in medicine industry, agriculture sector, chemical industries, and even in preparing fodder for livestock,' the head researcher at the Malek Ashtar University of Technology Mohammad Reza Sovizi told the Islamic Republic News Agency.

'We have been able to indigenize the production of the petrochemical catalyst and Iran is the first country in the region to acquire self-sufficiency in the production of this chemical items which used to be imported,' said the assistant professor of analytical chemistry.

'This has saved Iran 22 million dollars,' he added.

'Petrochemical industries are among strategic, and parent industries and Iran in recent years has achieved great development in this sphere,' the university professor said.

'With regard to the abundant raw materials found in Iran, our country has a great potential for generating income and promoting sustainable employment by relying on the petrochemical industries,' Sovizi said.

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