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Russia endeavors to facilitate customs co-op with Iran

Moscow, March 26, IRNA - Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia Andrey Belyaninov said Moscow is seeking to facilitate customs cooperation with Iran.

At a meeting with senior members of the Federal Customs Service, Belyaninov said the conditions have been prepared for expansion of Moscow-Tehran relations in that area.

The documents have been provided for creating a green corridors in order to develop customs relations with Iran, he said.

Russia should facilitate trade exchange with Iran by creating 'Green Corridors', the Russian Deputy Agriculture Minister Sergei Levin said during his travel to Tehran less than a month ago.

Already, Levin had talked about initiatives to create 'green corridors' in the southern Russian Republic of Dagestan in order to reduce the delivery time of Iranian products, increase volumes and legalize current deliveries.

Just a few months ago, Iran and Russia at the joint economic commission meeting in Moscow agreed to reach ten billion dollars' worth of trade exchange in near future.

The two enjoy about two million dollars' worth of economic cooperation at present.

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