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Envoy: Iran can meet Macedonia, Balkan shortage

Belgrade, March 22, IRNA – Iran's ambassador to Skopje Saeed Sadq Salehi said on Tuesday that Iran can address needs of Macedonia and Balkans by its products.

In an interview with daily Yeni Balkan, Salehi said Iran can meet many shortages of Macedonia and Balkan markets by supplying its high quality goods sold at competitive prices.
He said Iran was among first countries to officially recognize Macedonia after its independence in 1991 based on its name in the Constitution.
Mohammad said Iran and Macedonia established diplomatic relations officially in 1995 after conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by their envoys in New York.
'Considering regional standing of the two countries, fortunately we will witness opening of a new horizon in bilateral relations in the near future,' he added.
The envoy said economic cooperation is an issue not well benefited thus far for different reasons, said the ambassador, adding that of course, in the past years, the two sides have signed necessary agreements to prepare necessary grounds for the purpose of expansion of bilateral economic relations. Conclusion of agreement to avoid receipt of double taxation, support for mutual investment and road transportation are instance of agreements signed by the two sides in the past years, he added.
He said Iran and Macedonia can cooperate in the fields of pharmaceuticals, nano technology, petrochemicals and oil, industries, agriculture, economy, music, film and theatre, and holding food festivals and tourism exhibitions.

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