Cameron sends congratulatory message to Iran on Norouz

London, March 20, IRNA – The UK Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday congratulated the Iranian nation on Norouz, marking start of the New Year.

Cameron in his message, sent on the occasion, expressed London’s commitment to expand ties with Tehran.
“As you reflect on the fundamental values of Norouz– peace, solidarity and reconciliation – know that it is in the spirit of those values that the UK and Iran have taken important steps to develop our relationship over the past 12 months,” Cameron said.
“And both (Iranian) President (Hassan) Rouhani and I are committed to building on these ties for the benefit of us all,” Cameron’s message read.
The implementation of the landmark Iran nuclear deal in January along with the resumption of diplomatic ties after a five-year hiatus set the stage for the normalization of ties between the two countries, the British prime minister added.
Britain was part of the marathon nuclear talks between Iran and the G5+1 group of nations - which also involved the US, France, China, Russia and Germany.
London shut down its embassy in Tehran in November 2011, after hundreds of Iranian students staged a protest outside the embassy, censuring the expansion of UK sanctions on the Islamic Republic.
The two countries officially resumed diplomatic ties in August 2015, when British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond attended a symbolic ceremony marking the reopening of the UK embassy in Tehran.
Hammond, too, congratulated Iranians on the Persian New Year on Sunday, hailing the improving relations between the two countries.
“I was delighted to be able to visit Iran in August last year to re-open our embassy, to welcome [Iranian] Foreign Minister [Javad] Zarif to the UK in February, and most recently to restart our visa services in Tehran and London,” the top UK diplomat said.