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Growing interest in Iran market: UK politician

London, Mar 13, IRNA - ‘Richard Dalton’ President of British Iranian Chamber of Commerce expressed optimism about the future outlook for bilateral relationship between Iran and Britain and said interest in Iranian market by the British companies is growing.

Speaking to IRNA, Dalton, who previously served as the ambassador of Britain in Iran said: 'I am optimistic about the outlook for Britain’s relationship with Iran, both politically and commercially.'

He added: “Clearly both sides want to proceed cautiously, but the range of British companies interested in the Iranian market is growing everyday”.

Dalton said: “We believe the expertise that we possess, from infrastructure through oil and gas industry to automotive sector to financial services and consumer goods, can be of real interest to the Iranian government and to Iranian business people and I am delighted that was the framework now been set clearly by governments.”

Evidence shows that the British government is now taking pragmatic approach towards the Iranian market which is already been targeted by EU rivals.

British prime minister, David Cameron rebuked Barclays Bank recently for hampering British companies trying to export to Iran as ministers prepare for a high-level trade mission.

Also earlier last week, ‘Sajid Javid’, British business secretary used the term ‘Unlimited’ business opportunities in Iran, when speaking to the business leaders at a conference in London on Wednesday.

He also revealed his plan to lead a delegation of British companies in May to take advantage of the recent lifting of sanctions against Tehran.

After lifting a range of EU and US economic sanctions, trade missions has been landing in Tehran to secure businesses with the second largest economy in the region.

However Britain has been cautious in opening up its businesses to the country, claiming that it had encountered severe penalties by the American banking regulators.

Lord Lamont, Chairman of BICC told IRNA: Some [British banks] have deferred prosecution agreements while some are still arguing with American regulators. But I think we are beginning to see signs of some of the smaller banks coming back and I think it will be like a pebble that starts the bigger stones rolling.

Dr. Mohammed Nahavandian, the chief of Staff to the Iranian president who made a visit to London earlier last week, also reiterated West’s commitment in facilitating trade with Iran according to JCPOA.

Speaking at RUSI, Nahavandian said: 'There was a commitment that the US and European governments took on themselves to take adequate administrative and regulatory measures to ensure clarity and effectiveness of the removal of sanctions.'

He stressed that “time is of essence and those who act quick get the best results.”

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