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Tehran, Kabul form consortium to develop Afghan mines

Kabul, March 12, IRNA- Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum Spokesman said that Tehran and Kabul agreed on developing cooperation in mines sector for extraction of Afghanistan's virgin mines in the form of international consortium with the participation of another third country.

Mohiuddin Noori said that this ministry aims at creating an international Iran-Afghanistan joint consortium with a third reliable country for investment primarily on big and medium mines and create access via railway for mines located in the border region of the two countries.

He added that mines in the west of Afghanistan are one the most important areas for Tehran and Kabul to have access to railway, oil, gas and electricity.

He said that there are cement, steel, coals, marble, alabaster stone, and salt block mines in the west of Afghanistan about which Iran has rich experience.

There are gold, emerald and lazuli mines which are under the control of the opposition armed groups.

Regarding training cooperation on mine sector, Noori said that this ministry requires promotion in working capacity saying that Iran expressed its readiness in cooperating on promoting staff's knowledge.

He added that training sessions consist of technical and practical extraction from copper, steel, cement and coal mines.

He noted that recently fifteen experts from this ministry have been sent to participate in a training course held in Mashhad province.

Noori added that seventy mines have been assigned to private sector and the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum employed a new strategy for signing and categorizing mineral contracts.


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