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Three macro dam building, irrigation projects launched in Ilam

Ilam, March 12, IRNA – Three macro dam building and irrigation projects were launched in Ilam Province, west of Iran, in the presence of First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri.

Seymareh dam and power plant which is considered the biggest dam in west of the country is built over the river of the same name with a height of 180 meters and a reservoir capacity of 2.8 billion cubic meters at normal level.
A power plant with a capacity of 480 megawatt, including three subsidiary units, has been projected beside the dam which will connect the electricity to the nationwide grid with a GIS set.
Meanwhile, Kangir dam with a reservoir capacity of 20 million cubic meters was put into operation in the presence of Jahangiri who later inaugurated irrigation system of Eivan in north of Ilam Province.
With the operation of Kangir dam, in addition to supplying fresh water for Eivan and Zarneh cities, the water required for 2500 hectares of agricultural land of the affiliated villages will be supplied.

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