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Euro 4 gasoline to be produced by next three years

Tehran, March 11, IRNA – Deputy Oil Minister Abbas Kazemi announced capability of the country in supplying 70% of the current transportation fuel in accordance with Euro 4 and said by the next three years the entire gasoline needed by the transportation sector will be Euro 4 quality.

The official further remarked that in 1386 (2007-2008) due to the unreal prices a larger part of oil products was smuggled. At that time, he added, over 70 million liters of petrol was distributed which shows the phenomenon of smuggling as it was not in accordance with the real consumption in the country.
As for the expansion of gas fueling network, Kazemi said with the stoppage in presenting gasoline to power plants and providing them with substitute fuel, the Oil Ministry has focused its attention on supplying fuel for the transportation sector.
Currently, 22 million liters of Euro 4 gasoline is being produced and distributed in a number of metropolises including Tabriz, Arak, Isfahan, Karaj, Tehran, Ahvaz, Shiraz and Mashad.

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