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Smuggling of oil products drops

Tehran, March 11, IRNA – A senior anti-smuggling official said based on the statistics of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company smuggling of oil products has dropped in comparison to the last year.

Qassem Khorshidi, Director General of the Goods and Foreign Exchange Anti-Smuggling Headquarters, said the Rouhani government came to power at a time when the total consumption of five subsidized liquid products was 247 million liters per day whereas in the past two years the trend has experienced a drop of 20%.
Since the beginning of the month of Mehr (September/October) fuel has been supplied on the basis of monitoring which has resulted in a drop in the smuggling of gasoline. He added that in this plan gasoline is provided in accordance with the information of bill of lading and the distance taken by the trucks and diesel vehicles.
Now the price of subsidized gasoline in the country is Rls 3000 per liter which is much lower than the price of this type of fuel in the neighboring countries and this causes its smuggling.

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