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Jahangiri launches vital water, power projects in Ilam

Ilam, March 10, IRNA – First Vice President is in the western province of Ilam to officially inaugurate two major dams, a hydroelectric power plant and a water supply project.

On his arrival in the provincial capital city of Ilam, Eshaq Jahangiri described the border province as having unique potentials for development.

'Ilam Province is among most important provinces in western Iran,' Jahangiri said.

The embankment dam Kangir located in Ivan Township in north of the province and the hydroelectric power plant of the Seimare arch dam on the Seimare River in Darrehshahr County are among projects launched by the First Vice President on Thursday.

He also inaugurated a project to supply irrigation and fresh water to Ivan Township and its neighboring regions.

'Construction of Kangir Dam and the water project in the region will have an important role in developing the province especially in the agriculture sector,' Jahangiri said.


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