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Pakistani media: Pakistan, Iran to sign 3,000MW power supply deals

Islamabad, March 10, IRNA - Pakistan and Iran are set to sign deals for supply of over 3,000 megawatts of electricity to meet energy needs of the former during Iranian an upcoming visit to Islamabad by President Hassan Rouhani later this month.

“Three power import deals are expected to be inked by the two countries including supply of 100MW, 75MW and 1,000MW,” Express Tribune quoted a Pakistani diplomatic source.

The 1,000MW agreement could be extended to 3,000MW of electricity, the source added.

According to the paper, Pakistan is already importing 73MW to meet the requirement of Gwadar but payments could not be made since 2011.

After removal of Western sanctions against Iran, officials believe that banking channels would be open paving the way for payment of outstanding bills, wrote the paper.


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