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Minister: President himself main defender of privatization

Tehran, March 9, IRNA – Minister of Finance and Economy Ali Tayebnia stressing that privatization and full implementation of Article 44 has always been the Leader’s concern noted that the president himself is the main defender of privatization and has emphatically called for no hesitation in ceding state companies to the real private sector.

He said studies show that out of over 1000 thousand billion rials of the ceded corporations up to 1392 (2013-2014) only 13% has been transferred to real private sector.
Referring to the resistance of some government managers with regard to the transfers, Tayebnia said of course some ministers and government institutes do not agree with the issue as their maneuvering capacity will be weakened with the ceding of the corporations.
He stressed that state corporations have been turned into centers for corruption and distribution of rents and noted that however inappropriate atmosphere should not be created as it is not to the benefit of the economy.
However, Tayebnia further remarked, there are also corporations that should remain governmental and the private sector is not authorized to enter their category and this has been clarified by the law.
Pointing to the heavy consequences of dependence of the economy on oil, he said dependence of the economy on oil should be cut and the economy should come out of its governmental shape.

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