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Taiwan's top companies ready to invest in Iran

Tehran, March 9, IRNA- Vice President of Market Development Department of Taiwan External Trade Development Council said that top companies of this country are ready for joint-investment in Iran.

Timothy.W.D.Tesso, heading a trade delegation of top companies of Taiwan, travelled to Iran to investigate investment and presence in Iranian markets.

Tesso told IRNA that representatives of companies such as Asus, Micro-Star International Co ( MSI), Gigatech Comuter Inc. have big markets in Europe and South Asia.

He said that bilateral trade volume between Iran and Taiwan was about $2.8b in 2005 which increased with a rising trend to $5.6b in 2008.

Unfortunately, limitations due to sanctions caused bilateral trade to $1.8b in 2013 and $1.3b in 2014 , he added.

He noted that the imports from Iran mostly consisted of oil products, car parts, industrial machines, IT and communication products.

Exhibition Department of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Shahan Woo told IRNA that ninety companies which came to Iran are active in making car parts, construction materials, information and communication technology, machinery, plastic products and home appliances.

He said that top companies of Taiwan in IT and communication field are regarded as the most competitive ones in the world and that in machinery sector Taiwan ranked fifth in the world.


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