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Iran to talk with Russia on building railway

Tehran, March 6, IRNA – Minister of Road and Urban Construction Abbas Akhundi said Iran is discussing construction of a railway project with Russia.

Talking in the second day of a gathering on Iran-Europe trade and banking relations on Sunday, he noted that Iran has been the balancing point in the region for a long time and is going to retain the position.

He said most of the corridors being used in the world now pass through Iran, adding that the most secure and fast-track corridors which connect China to Europe and also India to north go through Iran.

The minister said a global consensus is seemingly there to revive the corridor and officially start to use it.

Akhundi said that a new railway which travels from China to the Persian Gulf region has cut the travel time from 40 days to 14 days.

The minister lamented the improper situation of Iranian transportation system which has been suffering from sanctions and said his ministry is beginning to take measures to renovate the system including the air fleet.


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