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Iran’s Intl. flights up by 10%

Tehran, March 6, IRNA – A deputy at the Civil Aviation Organization pointed to the readiness announced by the British Airways, Dutch KLM and Malaysian AirAsia for resumption of flights to Tehran and said up to the month of Dey (December/January) despite continuation of the sanctions the number of international flights increased by 10% as compared to last year.

Mohammad Khodakarami, Deputy for International Affairs and Aviation Operations, noted that officials of the British Airways will visit Iran this week and a memorandum of understanding will be signed between the two sides.
Meanwhile, he further remarked that the KLM flights which were halted three years ago will be resumed on Amsterdam-Tehran route. He added that AirAsia whose flights were halted as of 2013 has announced readiness for resumption of its flights.
Khodakarami said that so far permission has been issued for a total of 21 thousand flights during Norouz (New Year) of which 7 thousands are external and 14 thousand internal flights.

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