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Economy minister discusses prevailing credit bottlenecks with domestic economists

Tehran, March 6, IRNA – Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tayebnia in a meeting with the economy professors and experts of monetary and financial affairs discussed the prevailing credit bottlenecks in the country and mechanisms to overcome the problem.

The minister referred to the special situation and juncture of the country and said the two shocks of the sanctions and dramatic drop in oil price decreased oil exports and exerted pressure on financial resources and created banking and insurance hurdles.
He said in the aftermath of the nuclear agreement the country entered into a new era wherein some of the limitations were diminished.
But, he added, despite the relative improvement of the situation challenges such as dependence on oil, the Dutch disease, state economy, low productivity and production level are still continuing.
Meanwhile, the participants in the session exchanged views and offered proposals over the topic for the solution of the existing problems.

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