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Baghdad Exhibit featuring Iran defense, military capabilities

Baghdad, March 5, IRNA – Iran's Ministry of Defense and Logistics of the Armed Forces and affiliated companies have actively taken part in Iraq Defense Exhibition.

The exhibition opened Saturday morning in a ceremony attended by the Iraqi officials, Baghdad-based diplomatic corps, ambassadors and foreign military attachés.
During the inaugural ceremony, Iraqi deputy minister of of the interior and deputy minister of defense presented reports on the Iraqi latest security situation, describing Baghdad Exhibition as the best venue to boost cooperation.
The ongoing event is attended by 108 Iraqi and foreign companies from 23 countries including Iran, China, the US and Canada.
Commander of Iraqi popular forces Moein al-Kazemi, director of Iraqi Defense Ministry for arming and equipping affairs, Hadi Azab Salman and a number of ambassadors visited the Iranian pavilion.
The is the first time the Iranian companies are participating in Baghdad Defense Exhibition, presenting Iran's defense capabilities on land, sea and air defense.
Iranian pavilion is displaying a wide range of military technology and equipment on land, sea and air defense systems.

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