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Iranian industrial group mulls establishing more desalination units in Persian Gulf

Tehran, March 5, IRNA – Iran's infrastructure group MAPNA has started studying developing more desalination plants on the shores of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman to produce fresh water, says the industrial group's power plant unit manager on Qeshm Island.

The fresh water produced in this way could be sold in different ways including in bottles, Ali Ashraf Karami told visiting reporters on Friday.

Iran's MAPNA industrial group for the first time in September 2015 launched a project on the Qeshm Island to cogenerate electricity and fresh water.

The project included a 50-megawatt power plant and a 18,000-cubic-meter desalination unit.

Ashraf Karami said that the desalination unit uses the energy recycled from the power plant.

The fresh water produced in this way, covers the local water needs on the island, he added.

He also said that presently a private company buys 500 cubic meter of fresh water produced at MAPNA desalination plant and sells it to passing-by vessels in the region.


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