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American manufacturers seeking presence in Iran: Oil official

Tehran, March 4, IRNA – A senior Iranian petrochemical official said two American manufacturers have indicated their interest in opening offices in Iran.

Addressing reporters on the sidelines of a petrochemical festival in Tehran, on Wednesday, Marziyeh Shahdaei, the managing director of National Petrochemical Company (NPC), said American companies have joined their Asian and European rivals to jockey for more shares in the petrochemical industry of a ban-free Iran.

She said the two American firms have voiced their intentions to sell products to Iran and open offices in the country, Shana reported.
'We are yet to reach conclusions in our decision-making in this regard, but these companies are interested in investing in Iran given the country's vast potentialities,' the official said.
She said conditions for investments in the post-sanctions setting are not settled yet, and expressed hope that arrangements will be made to hasten their swift settlement.
She said NPC is seeking to provide petrochemical infrastructures in the country in a bid to facilitate investments and is currently considering formation of two new petrochemical hubs in the country.
Shahdaei, who is also deputy petroleum minister in petrochemical affairs, further said NPC has prioritized completion of under-construction projects across the country now that US-led sanctions have been lifted on Tehran's nuclear agenda.

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