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Oman taking steps towards enhancement of economic relations with Iran

Tehran, March 2, IRNA – Oman is constantly taking steps towards enhancement of its economic relations with Iran and intends to increase marine transportation and trade with the country.

According to the website of the cross-regional newspaper Al Arab which is printed in London, last week Oman supported Iran’s share in the OPEC although it is not an OPEC member.
Meanwhile, an Omani official announced that his country intends to increase marine transportation and trade with Iran, adding that Oman is keen to increase its trade and commercial ties with Iran through its closest port to Iran, Sohar.
Omani Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi last week met with President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran.
During the meetings bin Alawi said the two countries intend to strengthen bilateral relations and expand joint investment in the field of energy.
Iran and Oman are cooperating in the field of gas piping from Iran to the Persian Gulf and establishing liquid gas stations in Oman.
The two countries signed a contract last year for the annual export of 10 billion cubic meters of Iran’s gas to Oman for a period of 25 years, worth approximately $60 billion.
In this regard, Omani oil minister last month announced that the plan for Iran’s gas piping to Oman will become operational by early 2019.

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