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Iran shares $1 billion in global biotechnology market

18 strategy documents for maritime development approved

Tehran, March 2, IRNA - Secretary of Steering Headquarters for Implementation of Comprehensive Scientific Map said here that 18 strategies of the document were ratified after being modified.
During the 77th session of the steering headquarters, Mansour Kabganian spoke of facilitation of structures, rules, regulations and standards, strengthening of educational and skills systems, upgrading infrastructure, supporting basic and applied research and technology development saying that they are among the strategic parts of the document.
Development of entrepreneurship, creation of competitive atmosphere and knowledge-based industries, continued exploitation of aquaculture and restoring aquaculture stocks, promotion of health, safety, security and protection of the environment and improvement of the quality of life for the country’s offshore residents are among other major articles of the document.
As long as the quality of life of the offshore residents is not improved and proper education and health are not provided in the region, the country’s security in the area will be vulnerable, he stressed.
Kabganian also underlined the importance of creation and development of sea defense infrastructure.
He further referred to Iran’s share in the global biotechnological market saying that it has increased to dlrs. 560 million compared to past years and that it is planned to reach dlrs. 1 billion target within the next two years.
Kabganian also said that Iran has signed contracts with Russia to export 5 Iranian made drugs with implementation of which the country would earn considerable revenue in this area.
In the field of biotechnology, the country’s scientific map anticipates a 3 percent increase in the global market, he noted adding that in some areas the country is ahead of Iran’s 20-Year Perspective Plan and that many concerns have been solved.
According to him, production of all required vaccinations for Iran and other regional countries, replacement of fossil fuels by biofuels and industrial enzymes are among the priorities of the headquarters.
Kabganian emphasized that in international treaties and contracts, Iran should make transfer of knowledge and technology to the country possible.

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