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Revenue of attracting one tourist equals sale of 15 oil barrels

Kish, Hormuzgan Province, March 2, IRNA – Managing Director of Kish Free Zone said the revenue obtained from attracting one foreign tourist is equal to selling 15 barrels of oil, adding that in case of the development of the industry the revenues obtained from tourism will replace considerable part of oil export.

Ali Asghar Mounesan, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 9th Kish international tourism exhibition, further remarked that competition of tourism destinations with an aim of further attracting entertainment trips has resulted in diversity of services in order to create further attraction and secure satisfaction of different tastes of tourists.
Stressing that each year close to 1.300 billion tourists leave their living places to spend leisure time and visit world attractions, Mounesan said in the spring 1390 (2011) some 12 million Iranian families went on trips and if each family spends 5000 thousand rials only in this season close to 60,000 billion rials would be displaced in the economic cycle of the country.
Development of tourism in the country in addition to economic growth can help in the settlement of political issues resulted from weakness of interaction with the outside world.
He noted that the Kish Island in the post-sanction period and opening of international relations, is to take the first step towards the development of foreign tourism industry and become the gate for entry of tourists to Iran.
The 9th Kish international tourism exhibition was opened here on Tuesday with the presence of Vice-President and Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization Masoud Soltanifar and a number of diplomats and local officials.

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