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Iran to export 150,000 bpd oil to Greece

Tehran, Feb 20, IRNA – Iran will export 60,000 to 150,000 bpd oil to Greece, a traditional Iranian oil customer in Europe, after removal of financial problems.

Traditional customers of Iranian oil in Europe gradually finalize negotiations for resumptions of Iranian oil imports.
Greece is the other European customer after Iran resumed oil shipments to the French and Italian companies. Greece demanded a daily average of 60,000 to 150,000 bpd Iranian oil.
Greece used to be Iranian customer to channel Iranian oil to refineries such as Hellenic Petroleum S.A.
Hellenic Petroleum S.A. is one of the largest oil companies in the Balkans and with its roots dating to 1958 with the establishment of the first oil refinery in Greece (Aspropyrgos).
It adopted its current name in 1998, changing from the Public Petroleum Corporation S.A. (DEP), as the result of a corporate reorganization. It is a consortium of 9 subsidiaries and a number of additional companies of which it has varying degrees of management control.

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