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Iran says Russia has unique opportunity to invest in tourism, agriculture

Tehran, Feb 12, IRNA – The recent lifting of the sanctions imposed by world powers against Tehran and its reemergence on to the global market provides a great opportunity for Moscow to invest in Iranian industries, including tourism and agriculture, the adviser to the president of the Organization for Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance said on Wednesday.

'It is a unique historic opportunity [for Russia] to rush to our emerging market. This is a once in 20 year opportunity,' Kourosh Taherfar said at a press conference in Moscow, said.
Taherfar added that Moscow would benefit the most from investing in tourism and agriculture, as well as in road railways construction, oil storage and petrochemical products.
The International Atomic Energy Agency's positive assessment of Tehran's compliance with the terms of the nuclear deal reached with six world powers in mid-January led to the immediate lifting of UN and EU sanctions, as well as partial sanctions relief by the United States, opening the way for Iran's return to the global market.

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