Dehqani: Iran pays high cost in anti-narcotics campaign

New York, Oct 9, IRNA – Deputy Permanent Ambassador of Iran to UN Gholam-Hossein Dehqani in an address at 3rd Committee of UN General Assembly here on Friday elaborated on the high cost that Iran has paid thus far in campaign against narcotic drugs trafficking.

Dehqani referred to some 4,000 martyrs of the Iranian anti-narcotics police officers and 12,000 wounded victims of them in their fight against the traffickers, arguing that those smugglers are not simple traffickers, but terrorist criminals whose hands are stained with the pure blood of the Iranian narcotic police and border guard forces. The Iranian diplomat noted that Iran has the highest record of confiscating smuggled narcotic drugs in the world under such conditions that the area under cultivation of poppy flowers in Afghanistan has increased drastically, the international community does not cooperate to solve that problem, and the countries en-route the illegal transit are not supported. Elsewhere in his address Dehqani referred to the established links between the narcotic drugs traffickers and the terrorist during the course of the past few years, warning the international community against the extremely perilous aftermaths of that status on world peace and stability if the notorious phenomenon is not heeded in due time. 2329**2329