Swiss ambassador meets with Zanjan governor general

Zanjan, Oct 8, IRNA - Swiss ambassador to Tehran Julio Haus met on Wednesday evening with Zanjan Governor General Jamshid Ansari on expansion of cooperation between the two sides.

In the meeting, Ansari appreciated the Swiss government's hosting of nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1 and said Swiss has always heralded promotion of peace and tranquility round the globe. Zanjan province with its significant geographical status which expands to the west and north west of Iran has many economic potentials with the majority of its population engaged in production of goods and commodities, he said. Some 75 percent of the province agricultural products will be exported to other parts or nearby provinces, Ansari said. Zanjan province ranks tenth in terms of industrial mining in the country and is the major producer of lead and zinc in Iran, he said. The province is also very rich in terms of electricity and textile industries, he said. Grounds are also well prepared for expansion of academic cooperation between Zanjan province and Switzerland, he said. Switzerland and Zanjan province has inked agreement on use of banking software, Ansari said. Swiss ambassador, for his part said after clinching the final deal between Iran and G5+1, 'We are now witnessing masses of European diplomats who run to Iran seeking for expansion of cooperation with the country.' Swiss government has always continued with its constructive contribution with the Iranian government and has taken positive steps mainly in Zanjan province, said Swiss ambassador. The geographical status of Zanjan province is very unique and grounds for expansion of cooperation mainly in academic sector is well prepared, Haus said. 1430**1424