Summary of provisions of the CJPOA -- (It is being updated)

Vienna, July 14, IRNA – After 22 months of intensive talks, Iran and G5+1 on Tuesday signed the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action to remove all misunderstandings on Iran's peaceful nuclear program and simultaneous termination of unfair economic sanctions on Iran.

The agreement has fully observed the instructions and redlines drawn up by the Islamic Republic of Iran leading to the following achievements in the field of nuclear activities and termination of all types of sanctions.
The following is a summary of the provisions of the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action signed between Iran and G5+1 inked on Tuesday, July 14, 2015.
The CJPOA reads that:
-) World powers have recognized Iran's peaceful nuclear program and are to respect the nuclear rights of Iranian nation within international conventions.
-) Vital facts on Iran's peaceful nuclear programs had been ignored in an unfair manner to depict the program as a threat to the international peace and security but it has now turned into a theme for broadening international cooperation with other countries within international standards.
-) The Islamic Republic of Iran is to be recognized as a nuclear technology power authorized to have peaceful nuclear programs such as complete nuclear fuel cycle and enrichment to be identified by the United Nations.