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President orders devoted teacher to be appreciated

Sanandaj, Jan 17, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani ordered Governor General of Kurdistan province to appreciate a teacher, who shaved his hair in a gesture of sympathy with his pupil.

Mohammad Ali Mohammadian, the teacher of second grade in a primary school in Marivan, Kurdistan, shaved his hair to show his sympathy with his pupil, Mahan.

The student, who is suffering from cancer, has lost all his hair because of chemotherapy.

The Governor General Abdul-Mohammad Zahedi told IRNA that the president has also ordered situation of the pupil and his family to be considered appropriately.

He added that upon the presidentˈs special order, details of pupilˈs situation has been sent to the Presidential Office to be followed in Tehran in Razi Hospital and problems of his family will be removed, too.

The president is to contact Mahanˈs family on Friday evening.

Marivan is located 120 kilometers northwest of Sanandaj, capital of Kurdistan province.


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