Iran nuclear deal to have positive impact on Pakistan

Islamabad, Nov 25, IRNA – It is widely believed in Pakistan that Iran’s understanding with major powers on nuclear issue will have positive impact on the country’s relations with Iran and on the gas pipeline project.

The media and analysts are of the unanimous view that the deal will also have positive implications for the whole region.

Newspapers say that the deal will enable Pakistan to pursue the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline as the country had been in a fix over the project because of the U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Pakistan issued a statement to welcome the agreement shortly after the TV channels flashed the news and almost all channels live telecast the press conference in Geneva.

Islamabad has always favoured Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear technology and the world powers have accepted the same right.

Analysts and the media welcomed the agreement and insisted the regional environment will improve considerably due to the Iran deal. They say chances to get the gas pipeline back on track have now brightened.

“Now in the new scenario, Pakistan should swiftly act and renew its contact with Iran and companies of China and Russia,” The News daily said in front-page comments on Monday.

Pakistan is currently facing a huge gas deficit of over 2 billion cubic feet per day as its production stands at 4.2 billion cubic feet. The import of gas from Iran will help ease the gas deficit in the country to a reasonable level, the daily said.

“Pakistan has very short time left with it as the IP project is scheduled to be commissioned by December 2014. Pakistan also needs to renegotiate with Iran on extending the deadline of the project.”

Mr Soofi said that there is a need to look at the US sanctions law against Iran and also need to know what the new agreement is. “Under the sanctions, we also need to know the impact of the easing of the US curbs on selective, territorial and regional sanctions.”

Eminent energy expert Mr Arshad H Abbasi says the IP gas line project is in the supreme interest of the country.

Soofi, an eminent international law expert says he expects positive outcome of the US-Iran deal on IP project.

Defence analyst Talat Masood said the deal will lessen tensions in the region and the new environment will help Pakistan to move forward on the long-anticipated gas project.

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