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No Majlis ratification needed for nuclear first step deal

Tehran, Nov 24, IRNA – A senior parliamentarian stressed here on Sunday that no Majlis ratification is needed for the nuclear agreement reached in Geneva between Iran and world six powers.

“The Geneva agreement is a preliminary agreement, therefore, it does not need to be ratified by Majlis,” Head of Majlis Legal and Judicial Commission Allahyar Malekshah added while commenting on criticisms made by a few MPs.

A small number of the Iranian Majlis deputies said Sunday that the Geneva nuclear deal should enjoy ratification of the Iranian Parliament.

“According to the Articles 77 and 125 of the Iranian Constitution, international treaties, protocols, contracts, and agreements must be approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

ˈIt should be clear if the first step agreement is part of the said articles. If not, it wonˈt be necessary to be approved by the legislative body,” Malekshahi argued.

He stressed, “Majlis approval would be necessary, if a preliminary agreement changed into a permanent one.”




Iran regards peaceful nuclear program, national asset

Iran regards peaceful nuclear program, national asset

Karaj, Nov 24, IRNA - Chairman of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Borujerdi said on Monday that peaceful nuclear program is national asset and the Iranian people will never overlook the nuclear rights enshrined by Non-Proliferation Treaty.