Iran expresses outrage at Beirut bombing near Embassy, says Israel involved in terror

Tehran, Nov 19, IRNA – Iran on Tuesday expressed outrage at Beirut bombing near Iranian Embassy and said that Israel is involved in terror operation.

ˈThe terrorist bombing in front of Iranian Embassy in Beirut is inhuman and vicious act perpatrated by Israel and its terror agents, spokeswoman of the Foreign Ministry Marzieh Afkham said.
She condemned Israel for the blatant terrorist bombing which took place near the Iranian Embassy in southern Beirut, Lebanon.
Afkham said, “Tehran will seriously follow up the criminal act with due consideration.”
She regretted that a number of Lebanese and non-Lebanese people were martyred in the explosions.
Iranian cultural attacheˈ Ebrahim Ansari has been wounded in the blast. He was taken to hospital. IRNA reporter in Beirut said that Ansari is in critical condition.
Two terrorist blasts targetted the Iranian Embassy earlier on Tuesday leaving over 20 dead and scores of injured.
One of the explosions occurred near the main entrance of the Iranian Embassy while the other took place in front of Residence of the Ambassador.

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