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Iranian businessmen mulling reduction of trade cooperation with France

Tehran, Nov 10, IRNA – Iranian businessmen have decided to reconsider their trade relations with France following the “dishonest policies” adopted by Paris during the newly-ended nuclear talks between Iran and the Group 5+1 in Geneva.

The 3-day talks were held from November 7-9 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Media reports said that Franceˈs performance was the source of disagreement during the talks in addition to slowing down the pace of the discussions between Iran and the representatives of the sextet (US, Russia, Britain, France and China plus Germany).

Meanwhile, a group of Tehran-based industrialists held a meeting here on Sunday focusing on reduction of Tehran-Paris trade ties.

France is one of the major trade and industrial partners of Iran among the European Union states and always needs Iran’s partnership and market.

The Iranian businessmen decided to find a better and “more trustworthy partner to replace France.”

They believe that the imbalanced policies of Paris on Tehran have stripped Paris of its status as a good economic partner of Iran.

No more Iranian industrialist would take France any longer as a proper partner for Tehran due to Franceˈs adventurist and immature behavior.


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