Iraqi envoy: Iraq benefits from Iran-West agreement, end of regional tension

Tehran, Nov 9, IRNA – Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran Mohammed Majid al-Shaikh said on Saturday that any agreement between Iran and the West and end of tension in the region would be in favor of Iraq.

Speaking to IRNA on the Iran-G5+1 talks in Geneva, Al-Shaikh said, “We hope the crises in the region and the world would be uprooted following a consensus on Iran’s nuclear case and settlement of differences between Iran and the West, especially the US.”
He said any success in patching up differences between Iran and the westerners would have direct impact on Iraq.
Recalling three rounds of talks between Iran and US in Baghdad, the Iraqi Ambassador said, “Iraq has the experience of hosting three rounds of talks between Iranian and US officials and we wished that the ongoing talks shoud have been held in Baghdad.ˈ
To a question about next weekˈs visit of Nouri al-Maliki to Washington and his talks with US officials, he said, “The meeting had been planned since a long time ago, based on a security deal between Iraq and the US which is valid until 2021 and the aim of the visit is to review the results of the security pact.”


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