IRI Pres: Enemies incapable of disturbing Tehran-Baku brotherly ties

Tehran, Apr 30, IRNA – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Monday undoubtedly and thanks to Iranian and Azerbaijani governments and nationsˈ alertness, intelligence agencies of Zionists, western countries, and United States will be incapable of inflicting slightest damages to our brotherly bilateral ties.

According to IRNA, the news website of the Presidential Office quoted President Ahmadinejad as saying in a meeting with the Secretary of National Security Council of Azerbaijan Republic that the enemies resort to three intelligence services of the Zionists, the western countries, and the United States, which are comprised of weak and silly staffs as well as dependent media on western countriesˈ money, but the historical relations of the two nations are so deep-rooted and their geographical neighborhood are very strong factors against those efforts.
He further reiterated, ˈToday the Azerbaijani nation and government are moving on the paths towards advancement and the Islamic Republic of Iran supports that trend, evaluating it to the benefit of our two nations, as well as the interests of the regional nations and countries.ˈ
Ahmadinejad noted that the brotherly Tehran-Baku relations have enemies who do not like to see the two countries and the two nations to stand side by side of each other at ease, adding, ˈThe enemies wish there would be disputes among the entire nations so that they would easily secure their interests, and therefore, the more brotherly and the deeper that the brotherly relations of the two nations, the heavier their enmities.ˈ
The president said that the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan are outstanding and brotherly, opining, ˈThe Islamic Republic of Iran backs up the progress and entire rights of the Azerbaijani nation and we believe the two countries would alertly and harmoniously move towards strengthening their relations.ˈ
Ahmadinejad further reiterated, ˈWe must stress the brotherhood and mutual support for each other factors at different gatherings and international bodies so much that the enemies would totally lose hope.ˈ
The Iranian president reiterated, ˈHistorical experience proves that none of the international powers are respecting the interests of the other nations and they have throughout history merely cared for their own interests. They have been creating crises, promoting differences, and encouraging outbreak of wars among nations, thus weakening them and sacking interests.ˈ
The Secretary of Azerbaijan Republic National Security Council Ramiz Mehdiyev, too, in the meeting emphasized that the Republic of Azerbaijan always considers the Islamic Republic of Iran its great friend, adding, ˈWe need to set the foundation of broad-scale bilateral cooperation and for achieving that objective we have lots of unused potentials in both countries.ˈ
Mehdiyev said that the westerners have been after intriguing a colorful revolution in Azerbaijan Republic and have thus far made several efforts aimed at that purpose.
He further reiterated, ˈThe advancement and development of Azerbaijan in recent decades has displeased the western countries and that is why resorting to some moves, they are after disturbing peace and stability in Azerbaijan.ˈ
The Azerbaijani National Security Council secretary set example of the representative of the US National Institute representative to Baku alone, who has invested one million US dollars and distributed it among various institutes and individuals aimed at disturbing security in Azerbaijan Republic.
He reiterated, ˈ(The former president of Azerbaijan) Heydar Aliyev attached great importance to Iran-Azarbaijan relations, and his heritage is that the bilateral relations of our two countries must always be at the highest possible level.ˈ
He pointed out that Azerbaijan Republic highly values the support of the Iranian government for Baku in various occasions and we believe the two countries must be supporters of each other and stand side by side of one another, just as they do so geographically.ˈ
He said, ˈWe evaluate the existence of a mighty and stable Iran, side by side of Azarbaijan to our benefit and the Azarbaijan President Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev considers the Iranian government, and your cabinet as his supporters.ˈ
Addressing President Ahmadinejad he stressed, ˈThe name and path laid and by you in internal, regional and global policies would be established in gold letters and we can see that very clearly, which is why we highly respect you.ˈ