Supreme Leader: Next president must honor commitment to Constitution and not to surrender to bullying powers

Tehran, April 27, IRNA – Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that the next president must honor commitment to Constitution and not to surrender to bullying powers.

In a meeting with a group of exemplary workers and techncians of the manufacturing sector, the Supreme Leader said that a lively presidential election needs more candidates from different political tastes to run for the election.

The Supreme Leader said that those applying for candidacy must make sure beforehand that they are brave enough to stand up to the bullying powers in the international scene and not to surrender to their political and economic pressure.

The Leader said the country is in dire need of creating epic and making a big jump in the economic and political domains, so the issue of elections is important and is the stage on which the nation can display their national resolve.
The Supreme Leader advised the likely candidates persistently to have sound assessment of their capability for the executive branch of government.
ˈIran and the great and resistant nation of Iran need a president who would be brave and courageous enough in the face of the arrogance on the international scene, while having a platform and being prudent and wise domestically with a belief in the economy of resistance, without any hue and cry and tension and chanting logical slogans based on reality.ˈ
Elsewhere in his remarks on the occasion of the Workersˈ Week, Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted virtues of workers and their endeavor for development and welfare of the nation.
ˈThe workers are the backbone of a society and in their absence or weakness, the country would be crippled. If workers were given sense of hope, welfare and job security, the country would tread in the path to progress more speedily and more easily.ˈ
The Supreme Leader said that over the past 34 years, many efforts were made in vain to provoke workers against Islamic Revolution and the system, but, the faithful and revolutionary workers countered the plots bravely and they are proud of commitment to the Islamic Republic.

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