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President: Iran, Ghana call for ending peopleˈs sufferings worldwide

Tehran, April 17, IRNA – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that Iran and Ghana both believe that end to hegemony, respect for independence and culture of nations, peace, friendship and progress for all, cooperation among nations and involvement of all nations in the worldˈs management are the key to ending the sufferings of human beings in todayˈs world.

In a meeting with Ghanaˈs Parliament Speaker, Edward Adjaho, on Wednesday, President Ahmadinejad said support for justice and human dignity are common points shared by Iran and Ghana with both nations opposing unilateralism, occupation, injustice and war and favoring independence and human virtues.

He pointed out that the Ghanaian people have been a pionee in the campaign against colonialism and this is why Ghana is rich in culture and human virtues.

The president underlined the need for expansion of Iran-Ghana relations in different economic, political and cultural spheres, saying Iran and Ghana enjoy constructive and positive relations.

Economically speaking, said the president, Iran-Ghana cooperation has not expanded in proportion to present capacities and this requires the two sides to increase areas of cooperation and activate all existing potentials in favor of both nations.

He said the time is ripe for Iran and Ghana to expand ties at bilateral and international levels.

Noting that capitalism and Marxism have failed as the world needs a new discipline, President Ahmadinejad said the path the mankind needs to take today is well defined by founders of the Non-Aligned Movement, including Ghana, and today is the day the NAMˈs goals can be materialized.

The President added that today marks the historical juncture when the hegemonic systems are rapidly falling and thatˈs a historical opportunity for independent nations to show a new path to mankind.

President Ahmadinejad also underlined the importance of enhanced Iran-Ghana parliamentary relations as favored by the governments of both countries.

For his part, Adjaho hailed Iranian civilization and identity throughout history and said a person should insists on what she or he has and the Iranian people enjoy such characteristics. Due to the same reason, Ghana attaches special importance to its relations with Iran, he added.

Adjaho said Ghanaian Parliament is prepared to have necessary cooperation with Iran and mutual agreements should be implemented soon in favor of the Iranian and Ghanaian people.

ˈThe people campaigning for a just cause will never fail. Iran-Ghana relations are established on the basis of justice and will expand on the same basis.ˈ


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